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Marketing & Strategy

We are experts in developing multi-channel, strategic online marketing campaigns with international and local reach. Our worldwide partners vary across a wide spectrum of industries including online gaming, finance, Forex, web development and online dating verticals. Based on our core approach to marketing strategy, we dedicate a lot of resources to analysis – understanding our partners’ brand, products/services, business, customer demographic, target reach and competition. We implement powerful marketing campaigns with the right blend of digital marketing strategies, data analysis and user-driven tech innovations. Our methodical campaign planning,

strategizing and innovative tactics set us apart from many multinational companies around the world. No objectives are too big for us. Although we align the realistic set of targets, we often thrive in the deep end of challenging levels. Our marketing team consists of individuals from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Most of the members of our marketing department previously worked in leading multinational tech companies, which significantly contributed to their in-depth understanding of digital marketing and industry knowledge and experience. Every member adds their unique “super-powers” for extraordinary results.

Web Technologies

With a team of highly competent engineers, designers and developers we create, design and develop websites to market our clients and ensure they stand out against the competition. At the core of our responsive and adaptive web design stands the key approach of accessibility, usability and user navigation. Once the design is finalized, our developers turn the whole creative concept into a fully-functional digital platform accessible across all devices. Our tech team ensures the websites incorporates our partner’s brand, appeals to the target users and increases the impact of any campaign across  varied industries. At Ante competitive design is not only interface related,

designing a feature-ready scalable backend infrastructure takes our whole tech workflow to an advanced level. Our world-class engineers, developers and designers constantly track new developments to ensure our products include the latest technologies. With a clear, targeted, product focus, our conversion-friendly websites are constantly updated and tailored to industry trends. We have established a  professional web presence for our partners, across various industries, worldwide. Putting our strategic marketing targets at the heart of the design and development process, results in top quality websites followed by high-conversions and valuable traffic.

User Acquisition

To click or not to click? That’s the question. We answer it successfully by constantly generating high-quality leads. We implement a broad range of marketing strategies to create comprehensive user acquisition across diverse industry products. We work with international brands to maximise their ROI and user acquisition targets – we embrace any challenge that we are set. We are experts in turning marketing budgets into valuable users and increased revenue. Our user acquisition competency is not limited to English speaking countries only. We have a team experienced in acquiring users from over 30 countries around the world. We do diverse geo based research,

determine the strategy based on the partner’s target reach, user demographic and product, then create a new edge in the competitive marketplace. We help our partners with competitor analysis, improving user experience and content marketing, to create brand awareness that ultimately generates demand. We analyse our competitors, build more effective digital marketing campaigns and surpass them with our tailor made business goals. We are proud to assist well respected brands with complex digital marketing environments and technical challenges. All strategic paths of our user acquisition expertise, lead to high-conversions.

Some of our works

Visit some of our websites in online dating, finance, Forex and web development verticals based on different geos.

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